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  1. Cheesyphus
    2019, variable length and dimensions
    Performance, publication and tasting event.
    Realized and exhibited at A-Dash Space, Athens Greece

    The title of this publication stems from its vacuum packed contents. Firstly it contains 12 printed cards on which images and symbols are printed on one side, while on the other it features a flash fiction story. By finding the right order of the cards it's possible to read the story. The tale tells the story of a modern day protagonist with the name of Sisyphus, and how he falls in and out of love with a Dutch milkmaid. Secondly there is a piece of cheese inside of it. The cheese was part of a 12kg cheese wheel, brought by the artist from the Netherlands to Greece in order to re interpret The Myth of Sisyphus in a modern context. After the cheese wheel had been pushed through Athens, it was cut in 24 parts and vacuum sealed together with the printed story. The project is both an investigation into how fiction and reality are constantly swallowing and consuming each other, and how suffering and pain gives rise to enjoyment and happiness.