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  1. Balancing Spirit
    2020, 00:18:00
    HD-Video, two channel audio
    Made for Letters from the South project for The Wrong Biennale 2020.

    There is nothing to see in this film. At least there’s nothing interesting to see. It's just me sitting and meditating in the half lotus posture. Sometimes there are short sequences of me in my studio balancing spirit levels on my body. That's all. If you have to watch this video, please do it at home and at the end of the day. There’s nothing to gain from this film, except that you maybe will become a bit bored. That’s OK. Being bored is OK. You can just watch the incense burn, sitting in front of your screen, and listen. Maybe there’s something to hear, but you would need headphones and a calm environment.

    If I have to say something about this then I should say that there’s non-action and action. Actually they are the same. There’s posture and calmness in one action; then there’s agitation and stress in the other. When I practice meditation I try to be calm but often I don’t succeed. It's hard to burn completely without leaving something behind. Not wanting to clinch to things is still clinching to them. Do you understand? Now I’m not a wise Zen master. I’m a foolish young artist. Maybe you think “Well, doesn't he think he’s smart and metaphorically, balancing his spirit levels?” Actually there’s no metaphor. It is what it is. There’s only practice. Do you understand? You should always find balance through yourself and the things you do. If something gives you a bad balance, you shouldn’t do it, or let it drop to the floor. Eventually it will fall by itself quite naturally if you just let it.